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Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

NEOCH Office (Clerical Support)

Contribute to changes in housing, income, rights and other social justice issues for homeless individuals. Get the opportunity to see how a non-profit operates. Perform clerical work to facilitate the productivity and advancement of NEOCH programming.  Administrative support is vital to keep the organization in operation. 

The Cleveland Street Chronicle

Aid in the production of Cleveland’s street paper, The Cleveland Street Chronicle. Promote social justice by helping with layout, writing stories, conducting interviews, archiving and possibly other editorial duties.


Assist with the organization of homeless individuals and help work toward progress. Work with the Homeless Congress or Resident Council Meetings.

  • The Homeless Congress meets every two weeks and collaborates on solutions for issues in the homeless community. The solutions will be presented to The City in the future.  The Congress has representatives from each shelter in Cleveland.
  • Resident Council Meetings are held monthly at the largest men (2100 Lakeside) and women shelters (Community Women’s Shelter on Payne Avenue). Resident Council Meetings are forums for residents to air their grievances about their stay in shelters. The meetings try to improve shelter life. Plans also are being made to hold meetings at “The Spot” drop-in center.

Organizational Leadership

Plan and/or steer initiatives to make differences in the fields of Affordable Housing and/or Homelessness.  Collaborate with others who have similar interests and passions as you, and develop skills necessary in the non-profit world. Join NEOCH’s Board of Directors. Send your resume to neoch(at)neoch(dot)org.  Here is a job description for the NEOCH Committee.

Special Events

Help with the planning and implementation of already established NEOCH events and in the creation of future events. Join NEOCH’s Fundraising Committee.

Website, Database and Newsletter Design

Exercise your computer skills with graphic design and database design. Increase our efficiency in addressing the problem of homelessness. With databases, increase our organization; helping us to store our information better. The database program we use is Microsoft Access.

With graphic design, help us to communicate our messages more powerfully, through better aesthetics, better information organization on our websites and within our newsletters. With improved advertising, help us spread our vision more effectively.

Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program (CHLAP)

Volunteer opportunities exist for lawyers, paralegals and law students. Lawyers can volunteer two hours a month at one of six intake sites. Volunteers conduct interviews, answer questions and assist in addressing the client’s legal needs. Attorneys who can provide direct pro bono legal assistance in the family law area are desperately needed.

Paralegals can also assist at the intake sessions. Law students and paralegals assist clients by conducting legal research and preparing documents and pleadings for client in pro se matters.

CHLAP plans to initiate a series of monthly seminars for clients and local social service providers. Topics will include: divorce, custody, visitation, employment, bankruptcy, housing and Social Security. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please contact NEOCH at 216-432-0543, or by email at chlap(at)neoch(dot)org.  Please review the CHLAP page on this website for more information.  

Homeless Voting

We could use your assitance to assure that homeless people are registered to vote and then in the fall help with getting people who live in the shelters to the polling place to vote.  We have a goal of helping the shelters register 2,000 people to vote or filling out change of address forms.  NEOCH is asking for a volunteer with a car who can pick up forms from the shelters once a week (hopefully on Fridays) and deliver them to the local board of elections.  In the fall, we will encourage people to vote early and will help with transportation to the board offices to vote.  Please register and indicate voting in your application or call us at 216-432-0540 ext 103.

To Volunteer, Contact NEOCH at 216-432-0540, ext. 103
To register for volunteering, please fill out this registration form.