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Table of Contents for Website

Welcome to the NEOCH Website.  We have tons of information on the site, but would love to have your input.  There is a way to add your thoughts by clicking the discussion page here.

Front Page

Find Help is for people in danger of being homeless or currently homeless.  It has links to important resources, an explanation of Central Intake, and how to get into shelters locally. 

Slide Show or Videos are from our You Tube Channel.  The pictures are typically from staff, but sometimes from the graduate of our photography class.  We post the explanation of the slide show on the About page here. 

We try to list the most recent additions to the website below the slide show with a link to the new items on our website.

On the right side are quick links to our more popular items.

  1. There is the Street Card and ways to volunteers.
  2. We have a list of volunteer opportunities in the homeless community
  3. We post the last five blog entries from the Cleveland Homeless blog.
  4. You can access our twitter page
  5. You can access our page about voting within the homeless community
  6. There is a link with a picture of our blanket drive collection for this winter.

Donate to NEOCH

On every page there is a "Donate Now" button to send a donation to NEOCH through the Network for Good processor of donations. There is also a logo for Community Shares, which is a federated giving program that NEOCH is a member.  You can donate through payroll deductions through Community Shares. 

Directory on each sub section of the site

There are eight sub directories under the banner with the NEOCH logo.  This appears on all pages and can get you to the Programs NEOCH oversees, the members "only" section, the About NEOCH section, and the Contact Page.  This bar has a link to our Cleveland Homeless blog and the Education section.  To view the Members section you must have a login.  This makes it worthwhile paying for a yearly membership.  The Education section has myths, the discussion page, statistics, research, and frequently asked questions.

Uplifting Success Stories Featured

We an entire section of stories about people who made it out of homelessness.  This is in the success stories section that looks at people who overcame being homeless.  There are stories from the Street Chronicle and other profiles of individuals and families who made it off the streets.


We have a YouTube channel which contains all of our videos here.  We post them in our blog when they are new.  We have many videos of the Street Voices Speakers on that page here.  We also have a few videos on the outreach page.  We have a video of the 2013 Homeless Memorial on the In Memoriam page

Homeless Street Card

This is the most popular page on our website.  We produce a number of version of the Street Card including a version that is easy to print out on regular size paper. 

Find Help Section

This section is to help people struggling with their housing.  This can help people with contacts for those in danger of being homeless orwho are currently homeless.  We have the school liaison offcers for homeless kids in schools.  There is a page describing what to do on the first day of being homeless.  We have links to other homeless social service providers and the Housing website called  Housing Cleveland is the premier free website when searching for housing in Cuyahoga County.  It is regularly updated and gives extensive details about the properties with vacancies in Greater Cleveland.

Grapevine/Street Newspaper Archive

We have a huge amount of history and content on the website in the Grapevine archive.  The paper was started in 1993 and sold on the streets by vendors.  It is typically 16 pages of content and regular local and national news about homelessness.  The Grapevine often has stories written by homeless people and newsmaker interviews.  We present the best articles from each issue in the archive. There is a directory for each issue and then a journal for each issue.  You can click directly to the article you are looking for or you can read all the articles from each issue. 

People who Died After Experiencing Homelessness

We have posted the list of names that we read every year at our Annual Homeless Memorial Day in our In Memoriam section.  This is a directory by year of the names since 2000.  We try to remember those who passed away every year at our candlelight vigil.  Many homeless are forgotten during their life, and we feel the least we can do is remember their death. 

Member's Section of the Website

Each year the Coalition solicits individuals and organizational members.  With a yearly fee, we provide access to a special section of the website.  You must login to the site in order to get access to the member section.  In this section, we have a "Member Hub" which is more detailed and has inside information about homelessness.  We also have a newsletter that we send to members in this section.  For a sample of the newsletter go here.  There is member survey in the member section as well. We have added the Bridge Support newsletter to this section of the website.  We have also added a Deal of the Quarter of businesses supporting NEOCH and offering discounts to members. 

Volunteer Section

We have an entire section on how to volunteering to serve homeless people in Cleveland.  This has information on direct service opportunities to help as well as volunteer information at the Homeless Coalition.  This has intern opportunities as well as the items we need for donations.  There is a registration to sign up as a volunteer and details on our volunteer opportunities. The Coalition would not exist without volunteers.  Many of the projects are entirely dependent of volunteers. 

Voting Section

Voting has always been a critical to the success of the Coalition.  We regularly register homeless people to vote and we work to eliminate barriers to full participation in democracy.  We have a section of our website that describes our voting activities and gives helpful information about registering and getting homeless people to vote.  There is a "VOTE" button on the side of the web pages that you can get to our voting section.  There is blog of current voting activities and links to other helpful sites.