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NEOCH Street Card

The Street Card is a publication of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. It is updated yearly and contains information that would assist a homeless person find access to services in Cuyahoga County. The Street Card is front and back piece of paper that contains only services accessible to a person currently homeless, and so therefore those programs that require a referral are not listed. The meal programs listed are only those that are served every week. Meal programs that serve monthly are too numerous and so are not listed. If you would like a few copies, you may call the Coalition offices, but we do not have the funds to send out large numbers of copies. Typically the local hospitals in the community print the Street Card, and they can be picked up at NEOCH events or at the office.  This year, MetroHealth Hospital printed the Street Card and matched the quality with the glossy paper of HotCards last year.  Thanks!!

2016 Updated Street Card:
2016-17 Front    2016-17 Back    |    2016-17 Street Card  

Thanks to MetroHealth Hospitals for printing the Street Card in 2016-17.


For those who cannot print the Street Card out because they do not have 8.5X14 inch (legal) paper, we introduce a smaller version of the Cuyahoga County Street Card that fits on letter size paper.  

2016 Street Card (letter size version) (Updated November 2016)

2017 Update Veterans Street Card:
2017 Veterans Services Edition    |    2017 Veterans Street Card

2017 Family Street Card:
2017 Front    2017 Back    |    2017 Family Street Card

NEOCH updates the four versions of the Street Card in the summer for publication in the fall. The regular 2016 Street Card is available and being distributed on the streets. The new 2016 Veterans Street Card is available and being distributed.  All of the Street Cards are on the street for one year and are updated in the summer.  All of the above Street Cards are currently being updated except the East Cleveland card.