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NEOCH can assist if you have issues with homeless people in Cuyahoga County.  If you worry that a homeless person is in your neighborhood and in danger because of the heat, the cold or just for their own safety that they may need help.  Feel free to call NEOCH and we can send professional staff out to check in with the individual.  We have contact with the Mental Health Services PATH and OPP staff, Care Alliance health care outreach, Volunteers of America, the Veterans Administration, the Salvation Army and Lutheran Metro Ministry 2100 Lakeside staff.

This is an alternative to calling law enforcement.  We can typically respond within 24 hours, and we can work with the individual to provide shelter, health care, food, blankets, or transportation to a safe place.   Please feel free to call if you have a concern over homelessness downtown, on the near West Side or in your neighborhood.  We regularly help people who are staying in foreclosed and abandoned property or sleeping in cars. 

Call NEOCH before calling law enforcement if you need help with a homeless person at 216-432-0540.

Here is a flyer that you can use to distribute   Outreach flyer

With support of the Community West Foundation we have added an archive of newsletters that we send out to Outreach Workers every week. This new expansion newsletter is called:

Bridge Support and we have a new archive on our website here.

During the winter months, we collect blankets and other donations which we distribute on the streets of Cleveland.   Here are the items that we collect.

As part of the outreach collaboration, we worked with the City of Cleveland to collaborate on a compromise over the sharing of food downtown.  We have a page on the site about this compromise and the steps that led up to this agreement.  Our goal was to better coordinate the distribution of food, find a place that meets everyone's needs, and avoid legislation. 

Please complete the Outreach Survey if you have knowledge of local outreach services!

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The Importance of Outreach

We have videos that show the importance of outreach and a video for the Socks Plus Campaign on a separate page.