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New On The Site In March

Added What is NEOCH with descriptions of all of our services.

Updated Facts Supporting the Housing Crisis for 2015-2016.

Updated Religious Communities: How You Can Help

Updated What is CAHA (Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Alliance).

Updated About NEOCH 

Updated Stand Down History from the Homless Stand Down.

Updated Stand Down Cleveland From the Homeless Stand Down.

Updated Housing101 workshop  for the June 17, 2016 workshop.

Updated New Organizational Members for 2016-2017.

Updated Homeless Voting with links to old and new articles and statistics.


New on the Site in February

We updated the Facts Supporting the Housing Crisis Document for 2015.

We updated the "About Us" section of the website on the activites NEOCH is working on for 2016.

Updated the Bridge Support Newsletter in the Membership section of the website.

Updated the Front Page with new photos from the Homeless Stand Down

Added Street Chronicle Number 22.3 on the website.

Updated various stats from our information blog including age and race



New on the Site in December 2015

Introduced the Member Deal of the Month for Auction to those donating as members of the Coalition.

Posted all the Bridge Support Newsletters to the Member section of the site.

Updated page with the names of those who passed away in 2015.

Updated the Intake procedure in Cuyahoga County and a flyer to print out for those newly homeless.

Created a Giving Tuesday Slide Show

Posted Socks Plus Flyer on the website


January 2016 Updates to the Site

Posted Statistics from Thriving Communities and CMHA both in the Information Blog and both were provided at the CAHA meeting.

Put the Discharge Procedure flyer on the Improving Shelters Page.  This clarifies the procedure for being kicked out of a shelter for non criminal activity.

Added videos to the Importance of Outreach Page from two outreach workers and to the Success Stories Page with Jim Vitu who recently passed away. 

Added slide show on images from the Homeless Stand Down 2016 to the front page of the website. 

First Call for Help Numbers over the last 12 months numbers added to the Information Blog

Published Web pages dedicated to the problems at the Community Women's Shelter with one detailing the problems and the Solutions called the House of Payne.  One on the food situation called the Payneful Food and then the notes distributed by the Frontline (shelter operator) on a page called Payneful response. 

Published a Year in Review for 2015 on the Homeless Blog

Updated the Infant Mortality Rates nationally  and then Ohio as the One of the Worst States for Well Being of Child on the Information Blog

Published the Chronicle Archive #22.3


Added Issue 85, New Photos on Front Page and New Bridge Support Newsletters

We have added a link to the Issue #85 archive of newspaper stories.  This comes from July 2008 and features stories from around the United States.  There is an article on Care on the Square and the Photojournalism class.  There is a Downtown Cleveland Alliance messaging article about panhandling.  There is a feature on the new Street Card, and a profile of Raymond Jacobs.  There are commentaries about the lack of housing and problems with the health care system in the United States. 

We added a new group of photos from the Hand Up Gala or what was known in 2015 as the Feast and Fellowship meal at the Bishop Cosgrove Center in October. 

We have caught up on the Bridge Support newspapers on the member section of the website.  This is our weekly newsletter tailored for homeless social service providers.  Again, you need to login to the website in order to read the member section of the website. 

Finally, we added a copy of the Street Card to the website.  This is a smaller version that can be printed on letter sized paper.  In many offices and libraries there is not the ability to print on legal sized paper.  The Street Card section of our website is the most popular part of the site.  This makes it easier to print and distribute.