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Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy Alerts: NEOCH regularly comments on local state and national policy.  We partner with the Ohio Coalition of Homeless Advocates and COHHIO on state advocacy.  Staff have a board position on the National Coalition for the Homeless Board and chairs the National Civil Rights Organizing Committee.  NEOCH has regular advocacy and comments on public policy on our blog, and we communicate regularly with our members.  NEOCH convenes a Homeless Congress every month, which is a representative body for those experiencing homelessness to work on problems that impact all those experiencing homelessness.  Our advocacy has its own page on the website here. In addition, in the member section of this website there is an advocacy newsletter and a blog just for members.  If you sign up to be a member with a donation, you will gain access to the member section. We have a section on shelter advocacy here.

CAHA (Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Alliance Meeting)

The Coalition helps to convene a monthly meeting to work toward no further loss in affordable housing.  We bring in speakers and keep track of the troubled apartments in our community.  We have a full page just on CAHA here.

The Cleveland Street Chronicle

The Cleveland Street Chronicle newspaper is a project of NEOCH and was previously known as the Homeless Grapevine newspaper. This publication is distributed and promoted by homeless people. Vendors can buy newspapers at 35 cents per copy. NEOCH believes homeless people are too often excluded from expressing their views and concerns on matters that will personally and directly affect their lives. All articles in The Cleveland Street Chronicle are about homelessness and homeless and formerly homeless people write many. The articles are not intended to reflect the views of NEOCH, the NEOCH Board of Directors or our member agencies, but to help homeless people and advocates express their opinions.  We also have an archive of the Homeless Grapevine and the Street Chronicle here.

Community Outreach

The Homeless Outreach Collaborative: If you are having problems with homeless people, then there are agencies that can assist you. These agencies include Care Alliance, Veterans Administration, Frontline Services, Salvation Army, Metanoia, St. Pauls, 2100 Lakeside Avenue Shelter, and NEOCH. For social service assistance, please call 216-432-0540.  Here is a flyer that you can use to distribute   Outreach flyer and the Street Outreach has its own page here.  We have done a fundraiser for Outreach in the past called the Hands Up Gala. Here is the main page of the Hand Up Gala.  We have posted a photo display for the all the previous years of Galas are posted on our website.

In addition, we host a monthly meeting called the Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Alliance meeting to preserve and protect affordable housing.  For more information on CAHA go here

Homeless Congress

The Homeless Congress is a monthly meeting with representatives of all the shelters in Cleveland.  The Homeless Congress is organized by the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) and residents of Cleveland’s homeless shelters and those resistant to shelters. It is a way for a diverse group of homeless people to come together, share ideas, make connections and push for changes.  The Congress works toward the creation of shelter standards.  In the past, reps had problems with their shelters and discovered that there are no basic operational standards for homeless shelters in our city. In response, the Congress created its own shelter standards and are planning to get the legislation passed by the City.  The Congress has also enabled its members to Meet with State, County and City officials. Representatives from the Mayor’s office, Cleveland City Council members, County Council, representatives from the County Office of Homeless Services, the media, and State Representatives and State Senators have joined our meetings to listen to the concerns and respond.  Finally, the group appointments to various community boards representatives were appointed to two County advisory boards, and the Coalition for the Homeless Board. We have a page on the Homeless Congress here. We also have a page on the successes of the Congress.

This is not a venue for filing grievances about a specific shelter, but you can file a grievance directly on our website here.

The Homeless Stand Down

The Homeless Stand Down is an annual event providing hot meals, respite, and access to services that help to break the cycle of homelessness and encourage hope, vision, and health.  A wide range of services are offered at the Stand Down, including hair cuts, medical, dental, and eye examinations, job-readiness training, alcohol and drug services, and legal assistance.  The 2012 to 2014 Homeless Stand Down social service fairs are being organized by Hands On Northeast Ohio.  We also have a history of the Stand Down page here and we now have a page dedicated to the Stand Down here is an affordable housing website co-administered by NEOCH and 211/First Call for Help.  The website began in 2005 as Cleveland was relocating Katrina disaster victims, and is overseen locally by eleven non-profits and government organizations.  The site is operated by, a national non-profit that, designed and maintains sites in over 30 states.  All the properties on the site are regularly contacted to assure that they are still available, and socialserve administers a call center for those with questions or concerns.  The goal is to expand the website statewide in the next few years.

Movable Wall

The Movable Wall is a collage of pictures, statistics, and quotes designed to depict the true experience of homelessness and to inspire action to end this problem. Individuals who experienced homelessness and were trained in a professionally instructed photography class offered by NEOCH took the pictures. 

Paired with NEOCH's Street Voices, a program in which homeless or post-homeless individuals share their stories, the Movable Wall makes a great contribution to any social justice awareness event. Your church or organization could help the homeless by hosting the Movable Wall at one of your events. We would be happy to provide a Street Voices speaker and brochures relating to homelessness. 

For more information regarding the Movable Wall or Street Voices, or to schedule a Movable Wall exhibition, please contact NEOCH at 216-432-0540.

Policy and Research

The Coalition is in regular contact with homeless people and with their input we formulate policy responses to the problems faced by homeless people.  To view our policy objectives go here.

The Street Card

The Street Card is a NEOCH publication. The Street Card is updated yearly and contains information that helps a homeless person find access to services in Cuyahoga County. We produce a Family Street Card and a Veteran's Street Card.  If you would like copies of the Street Card, visit our Street Card page or call NEOCH at 216-432-0540.

Street Voices Speakers’ Bureau

The Street Voices Speakers’ Bureau is composed of several well-trained homeless and formerly homeless speakers who want to share their stories with your audience. With each unique tale, these individuals strive to expose the community to the real faces of homelessness and inspire all people to serve and get involved in their communities. Street Voices has its own page on the website here. To arrange for a speaker, call 216-432-0540.

Public Education

Part of NEOCH’s mission is to educate the public about homelessness. NEOCH can construct an overview of homelessness and visit some of the drop in centers or shelters for elected officials or groups. We have experts on hand to answer questions and talk about future strains on the governmental system. We have an extensive website to educate the public with information and statistics.  We have success stories including videos of people who overcame homelessness.  We also oversee a yearly memorial day on the first day of winter to educate the public about dangers associated with homelessness.  We have a Cleveland Homeless blog that we update on a regular basis and provides up to date information. 

Volunteer Program

NEOCH requires the time and skills of volunteers to help implement programs and achieve its mission. NEOCH has many opportunities for volunteers.  To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please visit our online Volunteer Registration Form or call at 216-432-0543.

Voting Participation by Homeless People

 NEOCH has been involved in registering homeless people to vote since 1987.  NEOCH settled a lawsuit with the state of Ohio in 2010 then again in 2014 and continue to monitor access to the ballot box by those who are experiencing homelessness.  NEOCH partners with the Office of Homeless Services to assist shelters implement plans to encourage voting within the homeless community.  NEOCH has created a special section of our website to educate the public about the rights of homeless people to vote