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Action Alerts

Advocacy Alerts: NEOCH regularly comments on local state and national policy.  We partner with the Ohio Coalition of Homeless Advocates and COHHIO on state advocacy.  Staff have a board position on the National Coalition for the Homeless Board and chairs the National Civil Rights Organizing Committee.  NEOCH has regular advocacy and comments on public policy on our blog, and we communicate regularly with our members.  NEOCH convenes a Homeless Congress every month, which is a representative body for those experiencing homelessness to work on problems that impact all those experiencing homelessness.

Blog Updates

 We will have regular updates and advocacy alerts posted regularly on this blog.

National Updates

January 2012:

HUD HMIS Regulations Comments 

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued rules regarding the Homeless Management Information System.  NEOCH is recommending comments be submitted by local agencies.  Enclosed are our thoughts that you can use to model your own comments.

September 2012:

   Final HEARTH Comments Submitted to HUD      

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued rules regarding the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Continuum of Care Programs.  NEOCH is recommending comments be submitted by local agencies.  Enclosed are the comments that NEOCH submitted to HUD.

March 2013:

  What is the Impact of Sequestration on Homeless People?

Sequestration went into effect in March 1, 2013.  We lay out the current situation in Cleveland and what we can expect over the next year if the Sequestration cuts remain in place.

May 2013

         City of Cleveland Supports the National Housing Trust

The City of Cleveland passed a resolution (775-13) urging Congress to support HR 1213 and the funding for the National Housing Trust. Click on the link to see a pdf version of the resolution as passed by the City.  We hope that Cuyahoga County will take up the same legislation.

August 2015

The Justice Department issued a statement of interest in the case of Bell vs. City of Boise.  This is a historic statement that is well written.  We have put together a page on our website dedicated to this new arguement in stopping cities from making it illegal to be homeless.

September 2015

Senator Sherrod Brown has asked that the US Justice Department get involved in the struggle to open up access to voting in Ohio.  Brown is asking for the Justice Department to investigate the reduction in hours, identification, and how they count provisional ballots are a violation of the voting rights act.  Here is the letter. 

State of Ohio

 The Coalition is a member of the Ohio Coalition of Homeless Advocates.  We have added the main issues of the Homeless Congress and NEOCH of concern.  Congress has been meeting with state legislators, and these are the issues that we are focusing on.  Some require additional funds, but others just involve a better use of funding or a change in the law that will protect homeless people.  We have posted a new alert asking the legislature to take it easy on voting changes in 2012.  Read about our alert on our blog.

Cuyahoga County

 Our primary issue for Cuyahoga County is to see a law passed to set minimum standards.   We along with homeless people from the Homeless Congress, want to assure that no matter what shelter they enter, they should be able to lay down their head in a safe, secure, clean and respectful environment.  The shelters need an effective grievance procedure and policy for resolving issues. We have a page on what our dream shelter regulations would look like, but have compromised on a smaller shorter law that is more reasonable for politicians to digest.  We have added a page about the NEOCH efforts to come to a compromise on the distribution of food in outside locations.   

  • NEOCH Opposes Diversions from Shelter (September 2015). The County has adopted a policy of diverting homeless families from shelter.  The NEOCH Board voted to oppose this policy and ask that the County direct Coordinated Intake to provide help to every family seeking help.
  • NEOCH Supports Homeless Congress Position on Women's Shelter (October 2015).  The Homeless Congress unanimously passed a series of 12 steps that they are urging Frontline and Cuyahoga County to take to reform the women's shelter.  They want these to be mandated by the County to be complete by September 2016. The Homeless Coalition supports and urges Cuyahoga County to take up these issues.

Testimony by NEOCH Staff