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The Cleveland Street Chronicle
Jim Schlecht Event

 We Remember those Who Passed Away Over the Last Year and Spent Some Time Homeless


Nisa Abdullah

Clarence Atkins

Donald Baker

Kenneth Ball

Mike Bennett

Tim Blevins

Fred Bognar

Eugene Boyd

Mike Brannon

Justin Brewer

Eric Brown

Kathleen Burgan

Richard Carter

Jerry Clayton

Richard Clements

Harold Collins

Everett Corrales

Paul Crayton

Joseph Crutchfield

Garfield Daily

Robert Darway

Anthony Donegan

Timothy Emory

Vickie Fann

Noah Gibson

Shannon Gray

Calvin Griffin

Kavon Griffin

MichaeL Harper

Dale Hill

Anthony Hines

Terrell Howard

Anthony Irvin

Marc J

James Kapusi




Jim Kelly

Joseph Kennedy

Vivian King

Brian Lawrence

Lanny Leatherman

Ronald McQueen

Melvin Moore

David “Wiggles” Moss

Michael Murray

Bob Newton

Drew P

Tammy Pedrick

BJ Pritchert

Bert Reccord

Craig Reynolds

Anthony Rich

Joe Roddy

Kevin Rogers

Keith Slusher

Donald Stalla

Ryan Styles

John Sullivan

Frank Taylor

Ben the Veteran

Mary Jo Trocano

Kyle Walker

Andrea Weekly

John Wilkerson

Paul Willis

Anonymous Youth

Michael Zamborsky

Loren Michael Zbitniewski

Big Mo (Maurice)




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