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The Cleveland Street Chronicle
Jim Schlecht Event

We Remember those Who Passed Away Over the Last Year and Spent Some Time Homeless

Homeless People                  Friends of Homeless People

Grover Anderson

Leigh Banks

Charles Beard

Shawn Black

Terrence Blair

Alfonzo Bradfield

Ralph Brandon

Marcus Brooks

Vanessa Canfield

Justin Coleman

Michaela Diemer

Laura Douglas

Lanny Guillion

William “Billy” Henry III

Pedro Hermayen    

Ronald Jarvis

Aaron Jones

“Big“ Eric Jones

William Kluter

Melvin Lewis

Sybil Linder

Eric McGrew

James McQueen

Richard Morrison

Phillip O’Connor   

Marilyn Owens

Elias Pedro

Matt Puzder

Khalil Reynolds

Antwan Smith

Paul Stafford

George Sterling

Gary Stefanski

James Tanner

Brenda Walker

Demetrius Watkins

Leonard Williams

William Young





Patricia Burgess

Margaret Conway

Mickey Drotar

Ruth Fiala

Brent Forsythe

Tom Hoskin (Aggie’s husband)

Kathy Kelley

Merdine Morris

Donna Kelly Rego

Joe Schager

Jim Skerl

Sharon Thomas                 



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