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 Homeless Memorial Day--2004

Mark Moore

Charles Wilson

Leonard Green

Charles Pugh

Latara Walters

John Robinson

Oliver James Jr.

Layton Terry Mc Culley

Darlene Schwan Lambert

George C. Mahoney

Robert A. Cemes

Tracey Denign Patillo

Dontae Kaiser

Phillip Lewis Johnson

Willie Smith Jr.

Robert Cox

Bobby Alexander

Joyce Mullins

Mike from St. Patrick

Bruce of St. Patrick

Lee Woods

Sammy Ford

Charles Wilson

Bob Evans

Edward Buselon

Tim Buzwell

Charles Parker

Mark Moore

Theartis Miller

Al Young

Gary Mianko

Willie Smith

Frank Stelarski



Julio Medina

Lalya Medina


There were 10 individuals who died and were not identified by the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s office


There were also two friends of homeless people

 We Remember those who have passed

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