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Internships Available at NEOCH

For More Information call the Community Organizers at 216/432-0540 or e-mail a resume to neoch(at)neoch(dot)org.  We will e-mail you an application to complete.

Street Chronicle Intern

Purpose: To familiarize the intern with the workings of a newspaper including story writing, researching, copy editing, layout; to learn the business aspects of a newspaper.
Essential Duties: Write articles for the Street Chronicle, edit stories being submitted, help vendors write and type their articles, sell the Street Chronicle to the vendors, prepare the Street Chronicle advertising program, oversee the street newspaper volunteers, and work on program construction. The goal is to assist the vendors to get permanent employment by reaching out to other organizations in the community for assistance.
Minimum Requirements: Knowledge of how to write articles for a newspaper publication; Basic copy-editing skills; Marketing/Advertising skills or a strong background in journalism.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: Journalism/Communications/Marketing/Business.

Funding/Development Intern

Purpose: To familiarize the student with how to find funding and conduct fund raising for an organization.
Essential Duties: Create fund raising projects; Conduct already existing projects; Follow-up on already existing projects; Prepare and conduct mailing campaigns (including the mailing for the membership renewal); Prepare and send press releases; Expanding coalition operations to other Northeast Ohio cities.
Minimum Requirements: General knowledge of the purpose of fundraising. General understanding of fundraising campaigns and how to prepare the different documents necessary.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: Marketing/Communications/Public Relations.

Health Care Intern

Purpose: To familiarize the student with the workings of the health care system in Cleveland, allowing for contacts to be made.
Essential Duties: Proposal writing; Meeting convening and conducting; Research on other systems as models; Create solutions to problems and find new ways to overcome barriers.
Minimum Requirements:  Interest in health care for the homeless; General desire to help to improve the system; General knowledge of health care and the health care delivery system.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: English/Communications/Business

Website Intern

Purpose: To familiarize the student with computer systems and website upkeep.
Essential Duties: Update the website; Answer emails sent to NEOCH; Work with the database; Expand website links.
Minimum Requirements: General knowledge of computers and the set-up required to keep up with and update a website.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: Information Technology/Computer Science/Business/Communications/English

Advocacy/Civil Rights Intern

Purpose: To advance the advocacy agenda of the coalition in order to end homelessness locally, and to develop and expand efforts to protect and preserve the basic human rights of homeless people by organizing and educating individuals and groups across the state.
Essential Duties: Work with the Executive Director and Director of Community Organizing to move forward the advocacy agenda of the coalition in four key areas (civil rights, health care, economic justice and housing) by working with state and national organizations. The duties involved include writing press releases, organizing meetings, writing advocacy alerts, getting homelessness added to other organizations agendas, getting sign-ons and updating research on our local agenda, working with homeless people to get them involved and amplify their voices. Work with groups to document collect information on hate crimes and efforts to make homelessness illegal; Assist with monthly telephone calls; Coordinate and disseminate research; Construct a procedure for collecting data and publicizing results.
Minimum Requirements: Knowledge of how to write press releases; Ability to educate oneself on local issues and other organizations; Knowledge of and interest in advocacy.
Duration: One Semester
Suggested Majors: English/Communications/Pre-Law/Diversity/Journalism/Sociology/Human Rights

Public Information Intern

Purpose: To strengthen the Coalitions public image and broaden its base of support.
Essential Duties: Assist with writing and disseminating press releases; Assist in the coordination of Street Voices and Teach-ins. Work to get other organizations to focus on homelessness; Submit stories for other publications; Collect and distribute anecdotal and research on homelessness.
Minimum Requirements: Writing skills; Ability to speak publicly; Work independently; Communication skills for a diverse group including homeless people.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: English/Communication/Sociology/Psychology

Program/Outreach Internship

Purpose: To assist the organization expand and develop its programming by supporting community outreach activities and other essential services offered by the organization.
Essential Duties: Assist with monthly meetings with homeless people and those with outreach workers.  The interns helps with updating the Street Cards. The intern would assist with expanding our web services and our community organizing programming. Work with volunteers and other community organizations to expand the NEOCH programming.
Minimum Requirements: Good communication skills; Ability to write and organize a meeting; An ability to work with a diverse group.
Duration: One semester
Suggested Majors: Pre-Law/Journalism/Diversity/Communications