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What Can I Do to Help?

Our group wants to help provide Hope for the Homeless, but what can we do? These are the priority items at this point, but check back here frequently because we may have other priorities.  You can click on the bottom to see the full list of volunteer activities that your group could do to help.

1. Provide baby items, diapers, formula, (We need 20 of these packages a day).

2.   Open a weekend drop-in center for homeless families to eat and stay during the weekends when there are no facilities open for them. (4-20 families on average). We need all day on Sundays.  The local community can provide transportation to your facility if it is near downtown Cleveland. April to November is the greatest need.

3. Help St. Paul’s Community Church build “Homeless Pods” which are insulated small structures to keep homeless people safe who do not want to go into shelter during the cold and rainy days.  They cost $500.00 each.

4. We have a longer list of items that you may want to do help here.

5. You can also print out a two page summary of the information needed here.

6. Sign Up to Provide Hope for Homeless People Here.