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Are you a church or business organization or group of concerned individuals and want to make a difference in your community?

Help to avert the crisis in our homeless communities by participating in Cleveland Campaign for Hope for the Homeless

Supplies or Services:

  1. Help St. Paul’s Community Church build “Homeless Pods” which are insulated small structures to keep homeless people safe who do not want to go into shelter during the cold and rainy days.  They cost $500.00 each.  Donations can be made to: St. Paul’s Community Church
  2. Help St. Paul’s Community Church build “Homeless Pods” which are insulated small structures to keep homeless people safe who do not want to go into shelter during the cold and rainy days.  They cost $500.00 each.  Donations can be made to: St. Paul’s Community Church
  3. Commit to $240.00/month will enable you to sponsor 1 day for 20 family members in overflow. Make a donation to Lutheran Metro Ministry (overflow fund for use when all the shelters are full).
  4. Open a weekend drop-in center for homeless families to eat and stay during the weekends when there are no facilities open for them. (4-20 families on average). We need all day on Saturdays and Sundays from April to November.  The local community can provide transportation to your facility if it is near downtown Cleveland.
  5. Partner with the Cleveland Land Bank to renovate a house for my neighborhood and provide for a homeless family.  Both City Mission and LMM have successfully used Land Bank property and can help with construction of the project.  $5,000 for the renovations.
  6. Provide a meal for families in a family shelter once a month.  Between 10-400 meals depending on the size of shelter.
  7. Collect and prepare welcome kits for children (coloring books, crayons, books, puzzles, gift cards).
  8. Collect and provide RTA one day bus passes to some of the local shelters. $5.50 each
  9. Provide members to volunteer to help with childcare.
  10. Donate a van to some of the shelters especially St. Paul’s Community Church or Metanoia to allow them to do outreach and assist with moving.
  11. Provide hygiene kits (wash cloth, soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant) for as many individuals as you can manage.
  12. Collect new socks, new underwear (esp. long underwear) or towels and drop them at the shelters or deliver them to NEOCH for distribution to the outreach teams.
  13. Assist with moving people into housing.  Set up a Volunteer Saturday or Sunday to have members of your congregation all meet at a shelter to help with moving people into housing esp. at the beginning of the month.
  14. Provide individually wrapped snacks (50 needed daily) Granola bars, Goldfish snacks, applesauce, pudding, peanut butter dippers, breakfast bars, and fresh fruit for families waiting for a bed.
  15. Hold a fundraiser annually (bake sale, rummage sale) for one of the shelters or social services. 
  16. Provide baby items, diapers, formula, (We need 20 of these packages a day).
  17. Provide furniture for sleeping for families who do not have a shelter space or those moving out of shelter.
  18. Tutoring children who are living in the shelters.
  19. Provide services that some of your congregants might be willing to donate for women and children once a month such as haircuts, GED classes, resume writing, childcare, or transportation. 
  20. Provide a laundry basket full of items for starting out in a new apartment (laundry supplies, toilet paper, household items, laundry basket, utensil set, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, spatulas, cleaning supplies, and bus tickets or gas cards.
  21. Participate in the Homeless Stand Down through HandsOn NEO or there are various projects that can serve homeless families through Family Promise network of congregations.
  22. Contribute to the Socks Plus Program including winter socks, gloves, blankets, hats or other cold weather items.
  23. Donate art supplies to the Cleveland Institute of Art students working in the Women’s Shelter or the Cosgrove Center Art Therapy project.
  24. Support a person attempting to kick the Opioid habit with a $900 per month for supportive housing in a sober living environment while in treatment at Stella Maris Center. 
  25. Donate non-perishable food items to Community Service Alliance’s housing program for homeless men, or a donation of $220 will provide one month’s shelter to a new resident beginning his journey from poverty and homelessness to independence and self-sufficiency.

 Making a change in your community

  1. Work to construct a confederation of religious groups to see if there is a solution we can jointly work on a project to assist with the homeless problem such as the creation of the Hunger Network.
  2. Convince all local landlords or those in your congregation to accept housing vouchers.
  3. Encourage homeless programs to be allowed in your neighborhood and speak out in support when these programs are proposed.
  4. Encourage business and government leaders in your congregation to help with the homeless crisis.
  5. Ask a homeless person from the Street Voices program to speak to your congregation about their experience.
  6. Speak about the crisis we are having in America with poverty and the impact on the neighborhood without a safety net.

  7. Tell your members to not be afraid of poor people or panhandlers—they want to be acknowledged as humans and not ignored.
  8. What can you do to help?       

 All of this information is available on the NEOCH/Help-the-Homeless website with more details on each.  Partners working to provide Help for the Homeless in Cleveland include: (These will all have links on the site).

Here is a two page document that you can print out and circulate

Organized by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless