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Hand Up Gala 2014 Program Book


Support the Bishop

William Cosgrove Center

as they mark 20 years


Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless are currently planning the annual “Hand Up Gala” event.  It marks the fifth year of what has become a popular annual event and 20 years of Cosgrove.  The event will be held at the Bishop Cosgrove Center October 17, 2014 at 11:30am. with table cloths, flowers, music and real cutlery. 

It is our desire to organize an event program book that will be distributed to each guest and volunteer attending.  We will also post the program book on our website.  You can publicize your support for the Bishop Cosgrove Center by taking out an advertisement in the Program Book.

Your contributions and support will assist us in accomplishing our vision to better serve the population.  We would appreciate your support in preparing for this event by purchasing an advertisement in the Program Book in honor of this year’s Hand Up Gala event and Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center 20th anniversary.  The deadline to submit an advertisement is August 29, 2014.  We hope that we can count on your support as we prepare for this extraordinary event of supporting the homeless.  If you have any questions about our organization, programs, or the event, please contact Sarah at (216) 432-0540.       

You can purchase the following ad in the Program Book.

  • $200.00 – full page (7¼  x 5¾)
  • $100.00 – half page (6 x 3¾ or 3 x 7½ )
  • $50.00 quarter page (3¾ x 3½ or 7½ x 1¾ )

Return a  copy of your advertisement and payment to:  NEOCH
Please mak
e checks payable to NEOCH.

3631 Perkins Ave. #3A-3
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Attn: Sarah