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Because of the economy and the growing affordable housing crisis, homelessness is on the rise. NEOCH needs the time and skills of volunteers to help us implement programs and achieve our mission. NEOCH has many opportunities for volunteers. Here is a list of our projects that we have available for volunteers, please click on the volunteer area that you wish to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. You may also visit our online Volunteer Registration Form or call us at 216.432.0540 to discuss your skills and interests in NEOCH.

During even years, NEOCH does work on registering homeless people.  We work on getting people to vote including those without housing.  Including reaching out to voters living in the shelters or subsidized buildings, we provide rides to the polls.  If you want to volunteer to help with voting, please give us a call at 216-432-0540 or fill out the volunteer registration form.  We have detailed job descriptions for other volunteer opportunities at NEOCH: