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The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) is a non-profit coalition of service providers, housing activists, members, and homeless people. The reason that we are called a "coalition" is because we bring together diverse interests such as religious groups and homeless people along with social service providers under the common goal of finding solutions to homelessness.  NEOCH stands poised to take on an exciting, yet challenging new role within the community and continue as the primary resource for homeless advocacy in Northeast Ohio.

Lisa Thomas, Sister Mary Frances Harrington, Rev. George Hrbek, Pat Tomcho, and Catherine Lowe founded NEOCH in 1988 as the successor to the Emergency Shelter Coalition. A nine-member Board of Trustees governs NEOCH.

Under the guidance of the Board of Trustees, NEOCH regularly updates a strategic plan to guide the organization.  We have posted the current values and strategic objectives here.  Staff and Board work together to put together an action plan in order to focus our advocacy, programming and budget priorities.

NEOCH activities, in partnership with the homeless, include the publication of a street newspaper, co-sponsorship of the Stand Down service fair, staffing for service and outreach collaborations, coordination of the Homeless Congress, improving and expanding access to services, sponsorship of the Homeless Candlelight Vigil, protecting the right to vote by homeless people, publication of various Street Cards, and construction of a host of educational and advocacy activities.

We are regularly updating this website with information about NEOCH, homelessness, and poverty in Greater Cleveland.  You can find the new items added to the website here.  If you have suggestions for improving the site, please send us those suggestions here.

We put together a table of contents of our website here to describe all the content. 

What is NEOCH?

Here is one page summary of all that NEOCH focuses our attention. This has easy links to the programs and services NEOCH undertakes.  These programs are those that board and staff spend their time overseeing or assisting with in Cleveland.  The NEOCH Board reviews this list once a year and passes an annual budget dedicating resources on these activities. 

Photos on the Front Page of the Website

Current Front Page Video:   This is a slideshow highlighting all the needs that homeless people have in Cleveland for donated items especially in the summer when donations drop. 

Previous Slide Show: We have put together one page on our website of all the Previous Slide Shows that appeared on the front of the website.  They are divided by subject matter for ease of use. Between 2006 and 2007, the Ohio Department of Disabilities funded a project in which currently homeless people were provided cameras and they took classes on the use of the camera by three professional photographers.  Many of the images on the front were all captured by the 11 artists who graduated from that class.  Graduates include Toni Anderson, Tony Emory, Cheryl Jones, Cindy Miller, Sabrina Otis, Jerome Pleasant, Howard Singleton, Pleasure Simmons, Gary Waterbeck, Barbara Winder, and Larry Whittig.  Both Teri' Horne and Kevin Cleary also participated and contributed as staff members.  We have a Movable Wall that travels around to various church congregations featuring the work of the Photo Project artists. Two months ago, the featured artist was Cynthia Miller. Last month, we had Black and White Photos from an exhibit from 1993.

Voting Information: We have created a page in our voting section with this video produced by AIGA Cleveland who worked with three non-profits and the process for designing a poster urging people to vote.  The poster that was designed for NEOCH is by Thomas Dang and we have it on our voting section of our website here.  The film was put together by Purple Films.

Check out the Donation Video from a commercial produced by Community West Foundation and appearing on cable television right now for the SocksPlus Campaign.  We also have a page of videos from outreach workers about the importance of building trust on the streets. 

Previous Videos: We have posted videos produced by board member Brent Stowe on our front page in the past.  They are contained in two places:  The first are success stories that detail individuals who overcame problems and living outside and found help to get inside.  The others are from outreach workers and detail the importance of outreach to ending homelessness.

Mission graphic

NEOCH’s mission is to organize and empower homeless and at risk men, women and children to break the cycle of poverty through public education, advocacy and the creation of nurturing environments.